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The Costa Mesa Senior Center is in constant need of funding. Each year our funding diminishes due to cutbacks and re-positioning of funding priorities by our sponsors. We invite you to come and see what we do and ask for your assistance... even in the smallest possible way.

Senior Center's worldwide, are never exactly regarded as "Top Priority" in anyone's funding budget. We beg to differ... Seniors lead the way in many ways.

They come from a better place than todays generation. They have learned to do without... whilst keeping their dignity intact.

They have stories to tell... stories of love, wonderment and personal satisfaction. They have lost loved ones to WW2 and Vietnam... had their first date at a drive-in and first kiss under the bleachers. Respect was the word of the day and aiding your fellow man was paramount and without a second thought.

There was no video, dvd, mp3, ipod, fax machines, disco lights, computers, internet, credit cards, mail, phone or internet scams. It was a quieter time of honesty, hard work and decency.

Not a lot of this applies today... our seniors invented their own games, pastimes or amusements. Today, kids have Wii, Nintendo, Playstation and countless other computer games to occupy their "down time"! The need for human interaction is all but gone.

We operate our facility in the "old fashioned way". We use what we have, to make our seniors feel wanted, special and try to do things to stimulate them. We want them to have fun, do things to remind them of a better yesteryear and hope they feel that they contributed something worthwhile to this world of ours.

We are currently running on half our original staff and cannot do the wonderful things we would like to do to enrich our seniors lives.

Please help... if you can.

Thank You!

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