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Welcome to the Costa Mesa Senior Center

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Since 1992, the Costa Mesa Senior Center has been welcoming Costa Mesa's "young at heart" to our facility.

Here at the Costa Mesa Senior Center they can relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book or magazine, have lunch and retire to the library and read a book for a while... and that's just the beginning of what we have to offer here at the Costa Mesa Senior Center.

We offer Art and Crafts, Knitting, Painting and a Scrapbooking class. Our seniors take part in Ballroom Dance and Hawaiian Dance (Hula). They play Bingo, Bridge, Pinochle and Cribbage. To keep our seniors fluid, we offer a Balance and Mobility class, Tai Chi, Yoga, Low Impact Aerobics and a "Simply Lite" Jazzercise class.

The Costa Mesa Senior Center offers more classes than any other senior center in Southern California. We are always looking for something new and interesting for our seniors to partake in.

We teach Poker Basics for our members who like to have a little "flutter" in places like Laughlin, Pechanga and the like. We offer an AARP Mature Driving Course for those who are a little "jittery" behind the steering wheel of their car. We have a Play Reading class, Cooking class, Life History Writing class, Sign Language class and we even teach you how to play the ukulele... How about that!

We have Dinner Theatres and seasonal parties. We take local day trips and visit foreign countries. We do all these wonderful things here at the Costa Mesa Senior Center and all we ask of you to become a member is $20 per year. That gets you discounts on everything we do here. A small price to pay for a lot of fun and activities.

Come join us today at the costa mesa senior center!... The fun is just beginning!

Children will soon forget your presents, they will always remember your presence....Dobson

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