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Code of Conduct

Be nice to othersCosta Mesa Senior Center - Code of Conduct

The Costa Mesa Senior Center is committed to serving the residents of Costa Mesa, as well as those of surrounding cities. It is a center for adults, ages 50 and above who are welcome to participate in recreation, socialization, educational and fitness and many other helpful services. Staff and volunteers are always available to assist at any time.

The following is NOT acceptable conduct:

1.  Abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, insulting, or suggestive language.

2.  Hate speech or epithets (e.g. racial, ethnic, sexist, homophobic and religious slurs).

3.  Participating while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

4.  Fighting, physical abuse, challenging others to fight.

5.  No person shall use this facility for public bathing.

6.  Promotion of or engaging in any illegal activities.

7.  Circulating a petition or survey or printing a newsletter, selling tickets for an organization or event or taking photos in the Center, needs to have the approval of the Senior Center Executive Director.

8.  Laying down or sleeping on the furniture is prohibited.

9.  Leaving or stowing shopping carts and/or other personal possessions at the Center is not allowed. The Center is not responsible for lost or stolen property and reserves the right to dispose of abandoned property.

Welcome our new seniors and make them feel at home. Everybody needs a friendly face, someone to trust, someone to guide them through our facility and show them where everything is. Is this you?

We are always looking for friendly souls who have a way with people. Speak to Ashley if you would like to become an official greeter to our new seniors.

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